Waiting for OmniFocus 2.0... use 1.0 free while waiting

OmniFocus has been talking about the unveiling of version 2.0, both on their blog and in podcasts. The big features expected are adding the Forecast and Review capabilities included in the iPad app.

Upgrade announcements for installed software can be weird. From a company perspective, announcing too early can kill sales of the current version. From a customer perspective, it sucks to buy a license and then learn of a pending upgrade right away. Most companies deal with this buy providing free upgrades for customers who bought after a certain date.

The Omni Group has taken a different approch and you don't see this sort of thing every day. They're providing a free license to the current 1.0 version. A potential buyer on the fence uses that while waiting for 2.0 to come out, hopefully becoming a paid customer at that point. Really cool move.