What I wish...

… for this blog.

  1. That I wrote more often.
  2. That I liked the sound of my written voice more.
  3. That I had the gift for succinct clarity.
  4. That it was easier to post here at the time I have something I want to say.
  5. That it wasn't so hard to remember what I wanted to say when I sit down to write.
  6. That Markdown syntax, despite all my efforts, were second-nature.

All wishes that should be easy to grant myself.

  1. Do it more often.
  2. Edit. Edit again.
  3. See #2.
  4. Look at Squarespace mobile apps.
  5. Use Flow and/or Evernote. [1]
  6. See #1.

[1] - Or stop paying for both.