Testing MarsEdit

Finally getting around to testing out MarsEdit with the new Squarespace account. So far, the setup and config has been automatic and completely hands-off. I just entered the blog URL and it auto-sensed pretty much everything -- which service I'm using, the API, categories, etc.

MarsEdit Screenshot

The MarsEdit UI is so far pretty intuitive and easy. I'm sure there are lots of options to explore (first up - scheduled posts?), but it's nice to just have a list of previous posts and a decent editor for simple text entries.

Positioning images precisely seems like it will take some practice, but you can't beat drag-and-drop-from-Finder for easily adding an image to a post.

No clue whether this (combined with on-going tinkering with the Squarespace control panel) will prompt me to breathe new life into the blog.