Site Transitions

It’s been more than a year since anything was posted here. No particular reason, really… just lacking the time (and I suppose, interest).

Recently, I’ve been thinking of starting it back up but wanted to try something different. Rather than using an ASP.NET host and running dasBlog on my own, I wanted to check out the virtual SaaS approach with SquareSpace. The entire site is simply an application. No terminal access, no FTP uploads, just a very dynamic web application with lots of features. One big upside is that it’s easy to add new elements to this blog, or to create separate blogs for family – point and click, rather than hacking .aspx and .template files or doing manual dasBlog deployments (though, in fairness, the Web Platform Installer makes this much easier).

I started the process a month ago by transferring my domains to a new registrar (consolidating for convenience), then exporting the content from dasBlog into a format that SquareSpace could import (either Movable Type or Wordpress – which required writing some code I probably should post somewhere). Once that was working, I started shutting down the old host and shifting DNS to this new site. The old host, by the way, was Server Intellect – I was with them for years and never had a problem. Great service, good value. So this switch wasn’t about solving problems – just trying something new. If I need a public ASP.NET site again, I’ll go right to them.

The main drawback is that it means the base URL changed… which stinks for old permalinks, but it hardly matters with the low traffic this place gets (mostly Google searches for Kindle and DataViz content). Once that export code was written, the process was pretty easy. There was some coordination to make sure the DNS changes kept our existing Google Apps and OpenID CNAME records working throughout.

Anyway, the dust is still settling and this post is largely a test of the Windows Live Writer setup. More changes (and, hopefully, content) to come. So far, so good.