Happy New Year

Among my resolutions for the new year, I want to get back to blogging regularly for the three or four of you still subscribed. My goal is to post at least once a week, which shouldn't be too hard as I've got a queue of topics and ideas lined up. This isn't exactly the first time I've said "I should blog more," though.

2008 had a few high and low points but was, thankfully, less eventful for us than 2007. Among the highs would be all the work we did and had done around the house over the summer. Everything came out very nice and a number of useful gadgets had sufficient WAF to make their way into the house as part of the upgrades. Lows, of course, would have to include those quarterly 401k statements.

I'll be posting some reviews soon of various gadgets, as well as some thoughts on the usual tech and .NET topics. I'm still doing the very occasional start-and-stop thing on Twitter and finally started doing something with Facebook in 2008 as well.

Now to follow through with these resolutions.