Kindle Order Progress

Looks like Amazon is starting to shorten the delay on Kindle orders... when Jeff Bezos posted this on their front page apologizing for the long shipping delays, the typical wait was six weeks (with some reports of almost 8 weeks!).

In his open letter to customers, Bezos promised they were ramping up production and hoped that, within a "few weeks", they'd be able to announce enough stock for same-day shipping... and backorders would be a distant memory.

At the time, I hadn't yet ordered one... but I had been considering it for weeks. I have to admit to not (yet) being 100% convinced that an e-book reader will be for me. However, I typically have a few things I'm reading at once (fiction, non-fiction, a tech book, magazines, etc)... so the idea of having all of that (along with some reference material) with me all the time is very intriguing. After taking a trip last month where I brought a few fairly thick books (and wanted to bring a couple others), I figured I'd give it a shot. What's the worst that can happen -- I hate it, put it on Ebay, and possibly take a slight loss on it (though Ebay sales are currently closing for well over the Amazon retail price). So we'll see.

Anyway, I pulled the trigger and went for it. I ordered on March 31, settled in for a 6 week wait, and was surprised to get this email tonight (2 weeks to the day from my order):

We now have estimated delivery dates for the Kindle order you placed on 3/31/08, #XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX. We are now estimating that your Kindle will arrive between 4/22/2008 and 4/29/2008. We'll contact you again to let you know when your order is shipped.

Based on the Kindle forums, Amazon's shipping then slightly earlier than their estimates - so with some luck I'll see it early in the week after next.