Catching Up... Finally

What a month June was... Ugh. Among the highlights:

  • Getting acquired.
  • Taking a vacation to California.
  • Coming home (alone) to oversee having the house interior painted.
  • Going to the ER for stomach/GI issues (while home alone).
  • Getting admitted to the hospital for three days.
  • Learning that I need surgery to resolve the issue (second in 2007?!?).
  • My new laptop goes belly-up (again).
  • Next-Day service from Dell takes several days.

And the first calendar month without a blog update in a while.

From a health perspective, I'm ready for 2007 to be over. I've not had any major health issues since I was a kid (ruptured appendix) and now it'll be two surgeries in one year. Ridiculous... but at least both were/are fairly simple and won't have any lasting effects.

On the tech side, I've been slowing working my way through Adam Nathan's WPF book, experimenting a bit with Virtual Earth, made some incremental improvements to iTunesExport, and have enjoyed watching all the hype (and hyperbole) over the iPhone. On the iPhone, I think it's hilarious that people camped out to be among "the first" to get one, while others walked into an AT&T/Apple store the next day and walked out with one 5 minutes later.