New Link Feed

One of the cool features of FeedDemon, the news reader I use, is called "News Bins" -- it's essentially a place you can drag and drop items that come through your feeds to save or organize them for later. I used to use them essentially as "bookmark folders" for items I wanted to come back to.

In the latest version, News Bins can now be sync'd with NewsGator Online in the same was as all the rest of my feeds and folders can be. Even cooler, Nick Bradbury (the primary FeedDemon developer) set it up to create an RSS feed for any synchronized News Bin. So anything I drop in there is exposed via a syndicated feed to anyone who's interested in seeing the things I've come across.

With that, I've created a "Link Blog" and the feed for it is in the navigation items on the left. Right now, I've created only one and will use it for development-related items, plus the occasional 'general tech' tidbit.

I can see how this feature would be useful in a few ways, though... creating a link blog for "family", another one for "work", and so on. FeedDemon has keyboard shortcuts for dropping items into the feed easily so I can quickly share items that people in my family or at the office might find interesting.

Nick has a post from just after the 2.5 release that also discusses this feature and there's also a screencast with a walkthrough.