iPod/iTunes a no-go on Vista

The problems with running iTunes on Windows Vista are pretty well documented at this point. From purchased music/videos not playing to outright corruption of the iPod's contents in some circumstances. Apple has even taken the unusual step of recommending that iPod users not upgrade to Windows Vista.

Om Malik's site, GigaOm, has a brief post about it that includes a poll asking "Who's to blame?." What I find amazing is that, as of early this morning, with 487 responses, nearly a third of respondents (30%) are blaming Microsoft. Another 29% think both parties are to blame.

I really don't understand that... Given that Apple controls both the hardware (the iPod device) and the software that interacts with it (the iTunes application), how is Microsoft to blame here? Did Apple not have access to the Vista betas and release candidates that the rest of the world did?

And while I make my living developing on Microsoft's platform, I'm not anti-Apple in any way. My wife and I both have iPods (and love them) and I've spent a good chunk of change at the iTunes Music Store. I think they make great products and I could easily see a Mac in our home down the road.

Apple has made a "repair tool" available that is supposed to help with the major issues... and their knowledgebase clearly indicates that the ball for fixing this is in their court (e.g. with the next update to iTunes for Windows). Yet a full 59% of respondents in the survey hold Microsoft at least partially to blame? I just don't get that.