Slick Visual Studio Tip

Sara Ford (from the Visual Studio team) has been running an awesome series of daily tips for Visual Studio tweaking. The series started off as the "Visual Studio 2008 Tip of the Day," but many (most?) of her tips apply to VS.NET 2005 as well. Most of the tips explain tweaks that can be made via the Tools->Options dialog.

11pt text and 14pt members! Her tip for today is about increasing the font size in the Statement Completion window... which is the little panel that opens when you invoke Intellisense in the VS.NET code editor (either by hitting "." on a reference to get its members or via CTRL+SPACE or CTRL+J -- another recent tip).

The change is made via the "Show settings for" list in the "Fonts and Colors" portion of the Options dialog. While I'd been in there before to set my Output and Command window preferences (green on black, yo), I'd never noticed Statement Completion (and probably wouldn't have recognized it as the Intellisense members list in any case).

Very slick and I can see this making it a lot easier to find things in the list... it really makes it stand out in front of the code that's being edited.

Nice tip, Sara! Now I need to go back into that portion of Tools->Options and check out some of the other UI elements that can be tweaked in that "Show settings for" list...