New to management? Got a new manager? Here's a must read...

Rands in Repose” is a blog on life as a software development manager and one of my all-around favorite blogs. He writes a handful of articles a month and they’re invariably insightful and well-written. Managing a development team can be a tricky thing, given that developers sometimes have quirks that are “outside the mainstream” — such as being night-owls, extreme introverts, very focused, or logic-driven at the expense of diplomacy.

He just started a new series called “Deconstructing Managers” that I’m really enjoying. In it, he’s breaking down some of the stereotypes of engineering managers and trying to serve as a translator between “the manager” and “the engineer”. It’s great stuff and takes a balanced, humorous view of this relationship.

So if you’re new to managing a development team, or if you’re on a team and have a new/challenging manager, it’s definitely worth subscribing and following along.