Free Advice for Financial Companies

Here’s a little nugget for the IT management at financial companies… for that matter, it’s probably useful for IT management at any company that has individuals as customers. Moron

This is provided gratis for all and I’m hereby relenquising any future intellectual property claim:

Don’t allow customer data to be stored on individual user machines, least of all on those that leave the building with employees!

I just don’t understand how stories like this, this, and this continue to happen on such a consistent basis. You’d think that it would take just a story or two like this to come out before any company with personal customer data would jump on it. In some companies, devices such as iPods, USB keys, or cameraphones aren’t even allowed in the office — for fear that an employee might copy sensitive data from their computer.

Doesn’t do much good, of course, if the machine itself leaves with the employee.

It’s refreshing to read of a company like, though, that takes the security of customer data very seriously. This entry from Werner Vogels, CTO, says what’s on the mind of consumers everywhere — you guard it with your life.