Donovan in Denial

From this page on the Yahoo/FIFA official site:

Donovan, for his part, denied that this was a "crushing" defeat. "A loss is a loss, I'm not sure 3-0 is entirely fair, but they made three plays that we didn't make."

This picture kills me...

I’m not sure what qualifies as “crushing” in his mind, but he’s right... Given that the US had just one shot on goal and Czech Republic had five, not to mention far more dangerous plays on the attack, it should have been more like 5–1. The US team had just two corner kicks and not a single offsides call — pretty good indications of how little time they spent in the attacking third of the field.

I hope Donovan can swallow his pride, own his (lack of) contribution to the team’s performance, and come out looking aggressive on Saturday. Otherwise, he’ll be watching elimination play from Southern California.