Big name media "Blogs" - Are they?

Seems like most of the traditional media outlets have a “blog” now, from television stations to newspapers to magazines.

But what do all three of those “blogs” have in common? No feed. I’m all for businesses jumping on the “informal, community-facing content” bandwagon (the more content available via syndicated feeds, the better), but if you’re going to do it… do it right.


Those three examples links above were pretty easy to find and aren’t exactly things I’d subscribe to if they did have a feed. What’s frustrating is to come across one that’s got content, is regularly updated, and you really want it to have a feedbut it doesn’t.

In some cases, sites will have a single feed for their main articles or “top stories”, but nothing that’s specific to a category, department, or writer — it might not even have the content I’m viewing. In one case (the Rocky Mountain News), the URL for their “centralized feed” page is broken.

Bottom Line: I don’t think it counts unless Firefox can “see” the subscription feed (via the LiveBookmarks feature) and the feed it sees is specific to the content I’m looking at.

On the flip side, there are major outlets that get it right.