Lots of News for NewsGator

The NewsGator world is really evolving quickly. I’ve followed the company since it was just Greg Reinacker writing the NewsGator Outlook add-in… reading feeds in Outlook wasn’t my preferred style of working and I ended up going with FeedDemon very early in its life. Still, Greg’s company is here in the Denver area and they’re a .NET shop so it’s always been interesting to follow. Things got pretty exciting when Brad Feld’s Mobius Venture (also local) invested and then NewsGator acquired FeedDemon and brought in its author, Nick Bradbury.

Over the weekend, Nick announced that they’ve hit the 2.0 milestone with FeedDemon. It’s a major update and congratulations to Nick on getting through it… I’ve been testing the FD pre-releases on a secondary home machine since the original 1.6 process started and it’s improved substantially over time. It’s been a long process, but I think the results are worth it. The new treeview for feeds is great, but the most welcome feature will definitely be synchronization with NewsGator Online. I was skeptical at first whether or not this would be something I’d use, especially early on when it was “subscription service or nothing”. But I said then that “I’ll give this stuff a try” and I have. Now, after working with it for a while and “finally seeing the light”, I’m happy to say that I’m hooked. With this feature, I’ll have full synchronization between my home/weekend machine and my machine in the office. When I’m not at either machine, I’ve got the NewsGator web-based reader as well (which, btw, has improved quite a bit since that skeptical blog post last year).

To improve things even more, NewsGator recently acquired the SmartRead application and brought in its developer, Kevin Cawley. Kevin and I have actually worked together in the past and he’s an all-star mobile developer. He really “gets” the mobile/handheld form factor and I’m certain he’ll do great things under the NewsGator banner. I’m pretty amped about having that “full synchronization” extend right out to my phone, so he’d better do great things! ;-)

Anyway, congrats to everyone at NewsGator for the exciting steps they’re taking.