Amazing Visualization

From the infosthetics blog comes a link to an amazing visualization of Beethoven’s No. 14 Sonata (the “Moonlight Sonata”). It’s one of my favorite pieces to listen to and to play, so seeing this interactive art installation at the Austin Museum of Digital Art would be a lot of fun.

Lots of photos on the artist’s site, as well as some information on how they interpret the music for visual display. After recording the performance on a MIDI piano, the MIDI data describes when a note is struck, how hard, and how long it’s held for… all of which gets munged into XML data for use with various visualizations.

One of which is the Moonlight Sonata as a Soyez rocket. Awesome. Explore the artist’s site, as there are also some early visualization experiments with Mancini’s Pink Panther and Schubert’s Sonata in C Minor.