Too funny... and nearly too true.

I had bookmarked this a while back and came across it recently when clearing things out that are now on

It’s a hilarious send-up of the many management and market consultants that swarm around charging ungodly rates to put together quadrant charts and product positioning diagrams.

My favorite line has to be “When one of our new-age marketing gurus or design experts or consultants has an idea, the rest of us look at him or her with serious expressions and write stuff down on paper”.

Huh Corp

PS: A few things struck me really funny during this post. First is that when I did the Google Image searches on “quadrant charts” and “product positioning”, some of the images that came up were from real-world Huh Corps… Also, many of the images that came up when searching on “product positioning” were in fact quadrant charts. Second is that the Huh Corp site has Google Adsense on it which, due to their satirical use of buzzwords, ends up showing ads for more real-world Huh Corps. Awesome.