West Wing Bummer

NBC just announced that they’re canceling The West Wing after this season. That’s been one of my favorite shows on television since it started, so this is a bummer. While it’s had ups and downs with the change in writers and creative team, it’s still been a fairly strong show. According to the announcement, the decision was made before the death of John Spencer (one of the key actors in the show).

According to NBC, its ratings suffered with the move to Sunday nights… so why not move it back to Wednesday night to compete with Lost on ABC? Oh, that’s right… because the Biggest Loser is on. Lame. We lose a show that deals with political topics in an entertaining way so we can watch big people sweat.

I think it’s sad that CBS can sustain three hours a week of CSI, but NBC can’t manage to keep one of their smartest and most critically acclaimed shows going — especially when it was nearing the opportunity for a new lease on life and new perspective (the current season is in the middle of a presidential election).

I suppose it’s just another nail in the coffin of the broadcast television networks, who are getting their asses kicked by better, smarter shows on cable.

I guess there’s always “Command in Chief”.

(yes, that was a joke)