Happy New Year

2005 is over and it was a bittersweet year… on the one hand, I got a promotion at work and our second daughter (Elizabeth) was born in June. She’s gorgeous, all smiles, and is probably the happiest baby I’ve ever seen (her big sister, Allie, was also a happy baby but knew how to get your attention when she wasn’t happy! She’s 6 and that hasn’t changed). 

On the other hand, my grandmother passed away this year and that’s been very hard for me. We were very close and I’ve always felt that she’d just “always be there”. My grandfather, is doing as well as can be expected given that they were married for 59 years. 

We ended the year with our annual holiday pilgrimage to northern California. It was Elizabeth’s first time flying and she did just fine. Both the girls travel well, but it’s very hectic travelling with two little little ones – especially around the holidays. Whether we make the trip next year or stay home and start our own holiday traditions remains to be seen. 

In any case, I’m excited about 2006. Things are good at work, at home, and we’re all healthy. I certainly can’t ask for anything more than that.