Developer or Programmer?

Steve Makofsky (who works on the MS Longhorn team) has a post today about the difference between programmers and software developers. Like Steve, I think Eric Sink’s article on hiring does a good job of capturing the intricacies of hiring developers for a small ISV. Steve’s addition that developers “do what they have to do to ship” is about as succinct, and accurate, a summary as you can get. 

I’ve felt this way for a while and try to write our open-position ads to reflect it… Here’s an opening I posted last week. If you’re in the area and fit the bill, send a resume in via Monster.

I also really enjoy the small-team, ISV experience where a developer who’s passionate about their job can work with a similarly inspired product team… and quickly get cool solutions in front of customers. No red tape, no meetings about meetings, no need to painstakingly document each pixel in advance. Just solid idea, design, and implementation.