Here comes dasBlog...

I finally settled on dasBlog for the new blog engine and this will be my last post using the older .Text. I spent time with both dasBlog and Community Server, but in the end dasBlog won out. Some of my thoughts on the decision were:

  • dasBlog is much easier to get up and running quickly.

  • Getting Community Server running for a basic, one-person site seemed more of a hassle than it needs to be… rather than having it be an option during the install, you have to go through a bunch of config files and modify the HTTP handlers to redirect requests to the single-person blog. For someone who just wants to have a basic personal site and not spend a bunch of time doing web development and/or site administration, it just seemed too arduous.

  • I liked that Community Server included photo galleries, but there are lots of other options for this, including NGallery (on which the CS Galleries are built). Plus, it didn’t seem clear to me that the galleries and the blog could appear to be different sites (e.g. each on a different subdomain).

  • dasBlog seemed to have much better performance (both were tested on the same machine). While I didn’t dig into the code to see why this was, my assumption is that CS just has a lot more plumbing underneath it.

  • Surprisingly, I found converting existing .Text posts to dasBlog to be easier and more straightforward than converting them to Community Server. The nice thing about dasBlog is that its native storage is XML files, so re-recreating the archive is pretty easy.

So now I’ve got it up and running on my local machine and need to start the process of going to the server. So far, it looks like this involves:

  • Getting it up on a temporary subdomain so I can make sure I set remote permissions correctly.

  • Transferring all current posts.

  • Changing dasBlog to use a FeedBurner feed instead of its local feed. Also make sure that the old .Text feed URL is redirected with 301 to the FeedBurner feed.

  • Archive the old site.

  • Move the new site to the old site’s subdomain.

  • The only other thing remaining that I see will be to find a way to correctly redirect URLs for old posts to their new URLs under dasBlog. Not sure how to do that yet, or even if it can be done in a straightforward way (e.g. without hand-redirecting each URL). I’m open to suggestions on this one.

  • Figure out dasBlog’s themes and templates so I can do something original (though the canned themes are actually pretty nice).

So… here goes.