Keyboard Envy

Just in time… my current keyboard in the office (an MS Natural Keyboard Pro ergonomic ) is just starting to get flakey. I think it’s time to move up to the new Natural Ergonomic 4000. I really like the idea of a zoom slider, especially if it works well with Photoshop.

What I can’t tell is if it’s possible to reconfigure that slider to be used for scrolling in certain applications. That would be a killer feature… I sent a suggestion in to the old “” alias years ago when mouse wheels first started appearing… the empty space between the two keyboard halves on the Natural series is ideal for a scroll wheel/slider. I saw it appear on the side of a Logitech keyboard a couple years ago, but couldn’t bring myself to switch. Anyway, for apps like Visual Studio and Word, scrolling functionality would be great.

I first tried the Natural keyboard (the one prior to the Elite with its goofy layout) in 1995 and, after a week of use, I was hooked. I also use the Trackball Explorer and (knock wood) have never had any type of wrist pain or discomfort. Using both products deters the casual office visitor from driving your machine, but it also makes it frustrating to use someone else’s machine with a standard keyboard/mouse.