"Browsing" Code in VS.NET

Gerrard Lindsay posted a request for browser-style navigation through code in VS.NET 2003. I tried to
use the Comments functionality there, but it didn't want to work for me. Anyway, I think we've got this now with the "Navigate Forward" and "Navigate Backward" options under the View menu. I'm not sure if it's the default mapping or not, but my machine has them assigned to CTRL+- (backward) and CTRL+SHIFT+- (forward).

Here's the thing that's bugging me... it seems like the back/forward buttons on my trackball no longer do the same thing. They used to, but I'm not sure if that was because an add-in provided it (I recently moved from Visual Assist to CodeRush which came with our DevExpress subscription). I haven't looked into it yet, but I should see if I can get those buttons working with VS.NET again.