Plaxo - What am I missing?

A couple times a month, I get a Plaxo email from someone asking me to fill in my current contact information -- usually from someone I worked with in the past and with whom I haven't really stayed in touch. Plaxo is a service that lets you manage your contacts (as well as calendar, tasks, etc) and tries to ensure that your contact details stay up to date. It also lets you sync your data, via Outlook, across multiple machines. I can see that the contact-updater might be helpful these days, with email address and phone numbers constantly changing.

So every once in a while, someone (usually a former colleague) who uses Plaxo wants to update my contact details. That's great and they obviously had to have reasonably current details so that Plaxo could even get the update-request sent to me.

Here's what I don't like -- when I get an email from their service, it's an HTML form that I have to submit... back to Plaxo. In filling out the form, I also have all sorts of opt-in, tell-me-more-about-your-service options for Plaxo.

Do I really need to be added to yet another marketing list somewhere, just so that a former colleague has my current contact details? Up to now, I've deleted them when I get them. If you want to reach me and have my contact details, use those contact details to do it. I'm not all that hard to find.

So... am I missing some key piece with Plaxo? Am I being overly paranoid about having to fill out an online form just so that someone who's contacted me before can contact me again?

Update:  Just a few hours after posting this (on a Satuday, no less), a comment was posted below by Stacy Martin, Plaxo's Privacy Officer. Her post does a good job (in my opinion, anyway) of explaining how the "contact updates" work and what happens with the information provided. If this post was of any interest, I recommend making sure you also read her comments.